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When it comes to setting the trends that the rest of the world follows, there’s one segment of the population that makes the biggest impact, celebrities. And in exchange for fame, the Hollywood PR machine necessitates that stars wear only the best of the best, making them, essentially, high-visibility fashion role models. In wearing only the trendiest of the trend, they inspire the rest ofbetter jewelry, and better style in general.

If you’re looking for some quality Hollywood inspiration, we’ve compiled some of Hollywood’s favorite jewelry looks. As stunning as the looks might be, we do realize that most celebrity stylists have a steady stream of sponsored items for their clients. So while you’re not getting that Balenciaga for free, you can still admire the look. For the rest of us trying to incorporate more designer duds into our wardrobe, we have sites likturn to for vintage and pre-owned jewelry. So when you want a Cartier watch or an Hermes necklace, you can find one without paying the full-price fortune.

Check out these Hollywood jewelry trends below:

We Dig the Bib
If you’re looking for something new to amp up a lackluster ensemble, adding a bib necklace can totally change your look. It’s a really simple addition that makes a big impact, dressing up a more casual top, or takwe have to say that we are totally on board as well.

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